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Letter of Recommendation

Letter of recommendation to Carole Leeming & Natasha Godfrey from the Black Readers & Writers Group, Wolverhamption

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About The Arts Practice

We are a collective of arts, education and media professionals working in our specialist fields. We operate on a project to project basis as a team coming together to ‘make theatre work’.  With a proven track record in Theatre, Media; Training & Education- our focus covers research, planning, development, delivery and evaluation.

Our desire is to see emerging creative talent flourish, particularly those who are marginalised but have great creative potential and outstanding talent.



The Arts Practice:

           Places as much value on the creative as entrepreneur, innovator and      pioneer as we do on performance and production.



           Believe the future will depend on the next generation’s ability to think “outside the box” and create opportunities for themselves and others.


         Have lots of hands on experience of developing others; our skills are drawn from working in the Creative & Cultural sector; Education, Corporate and the Social sector.


       Have worked with dancers, actors and spoken word artists; in theatre, television, music and radio, with illustrators, graphic designers and film-makers as well as producers, writers and makers of original work




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